Do you ever feel like you are so far from the person you know that you are capable of being? For the longest time, that was the way I felt…even when I was doing everything I could to “be a better person”. If you relate, you are really going to appreciate this article.

I can remember, back when I was perpetually dieting, I would tell myself I was going to completely overhaul my diet on Monday, the first of the month, or after some major event happened. The time would come and I’d hardly make it through breakfast before I was “off track” on my very intricate 1200-calorie plan that I had taken hours to come up with. At the time, I thought it was my lack of willpower and self-control that was responsible and that I just didn’t have what it took to lose weight and change my habits. Now, I know that’s just not true and that the approach I was taking was the problem.

The truth is, overhauling your life overnight rarely works. Why? Because in order to create lasting change, you need to retrain your subconscious mind (which is responsible for 95% of your actions). When we set out to change our life, our conscious mind is the one that is running the show (which is only responsible for a mere 5% of our actions). Too often, we bite off more than we can chew when it comes to the habits we are trying to develop and never come close to ingraining them into our subconscious mind.

In the example of dieting, we may try to go from overeating regularly, eating out, and never preparing food at home to restricting our calories and preparing all of our meals at home. It’s far too big of a leap to take at one time and we don’t end up lasting long enough to retrain our subconscious mind and create healthy habits.

Here are three steps you can take to start changing your life today:

Step 1: Pick one small habit to start developing.

Instead of overhauling everything overnight, pick one small habit so you can begin building momentum with your goals. For example, let’s say your desire is to create a healthier diet. You may choose to start with drinking 8 glasses of water, knowing that this has many benefits (boosting your metabolism, curbing your appetite, etc.). Remember to focus on what you are adding to your life vs. taking away. It’s always easier to add things to your life versus limit, it’s just how our human mind works.

Step 2: Start a streak.

Download an app like Habit Bull or Way of Life (free for the iPhone in the App Store) and start tracking how many days you’ve been able to do this habit. This brings positive energy to your goals and helps you build momentum and confidence. It also helps retrain your subconscious mind by putting an emphasis on your goal and making it a priority.

Step 3: Journal about your goals every day.

Even though you may “just” be drinking your 8 glasses of water, you can journal about your goal of being healthier to create more positive energy behind your intention. What else are you doing as a “bonus” to accomplishing your overall goal of being healthy that day? Did you get a 20 minute workout in? Get 100 grams of protein in? Prepare two of your three meals at home? Write anything that you did that is moving you towards your goal of being healthy, creating more energy, living your life of Vitality, etc. If you need an example of this, I will be modeling this beginning October 27th on my personal blog at! I will personally be focusing on creating more VITALITY in MY life :)

If you think that these small goals won’t make a difference, guess again! This method of setting goals has completely changed my life and the lives of dozens of my clients. Why? Because instead of procrastinating starting your plan to change your life because it is overwhelming (and then starting over once you start because it was too much to do at once), you immediately begin creating small progress. This small progress creates energetic momentum and confidence. With that energy behind your intention, The Universe is invited to step in and help you manifest your desired outcome. It really is amazing to watch how quickly momentum is build with this method!

The hardest part of this whole process is having faith it will work because it goes against everything we’ve been taught…that in order to create results, you have to work really hard for them and deprive yourself. Logically though, that old way has not worked for you in the past. You’ve seen it time and time again! It also helps to remember that you are OK right now, not just after you accomplish your goals. The feeling of disconnect you get when it comes to the person you are now and the person you are meant to be will start dissolving when you begin this process. That is because you’ll finally be able to feel like you’re making progress and building momentum. Isn’t that wonderful!?

So…tell me in the comments below…what is your overall general goal you’re working towards (i.e. creating more Vitality in your life, being healthier, losing weight, etc.)? And what is the small baby step you are going to take every single day to build momentum and positive energy around your goal? I’d love to hear from you!

One of the things that I have realized is how important boundaries are when it comes to creating a life that makes you happy. The women I work with (myself included) struggle a lot with this. So I wanted to write you ladies a little reminder…I know I could use it from time to time.

It’s OK to say no…even if it means someone else’s feelings are hurt.
It’s OK to let go of people who hurt you (intentionally or unintentionally)…even if they don’t want you to.

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Do you feel stressed out all the time? If you answered “yes” to that question, know that you are not alone. Many of the empathic women I work with struggle with stress, even if they aren’t fully aware of it because it just seems like an everyday part of life. Why? Because empaths are highly attuned to the energy of those around them (often beginning at a very young age). This can cause stress in ways that we become accustom to over time.

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Guilt and shame. Two heavy emotions that really weigh us down and prevent us from living our best life. They are also two emotions that I am very familiar with. Especially when it comes to gaining weight.

Like the many women I work with, I started worrying about my body and my weight at a very young age. Even though I was a thin child, my parents and family members would remind me that I had “bad genes”

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Are you stressed, tired, and gaining weight? From June 2014 to December 2016, I was really feeling this way. It seemed like the longer time went on, the more tired I became and the more weight I gained (despite eating pretty healthfully and exercising daily). I couldn’t understand what I was doing “wrong” that was causing me to feel so tired. The answer? Stress over a prolonged period of time and a lack of personal and energetic boundaries.

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1. What your body needs changes at different points in your life (i.e. diet, exercise, etc.). So if what worked at another point in your life isn’t working now…your body may need something else.

2. Losing/gaining weight is about so much more than calories in vs. calories out.

3. Never underestimate the effects long-term stress can have on the body…weight gain being a huge one of those effects.


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Recently, I had a client share her struggle with shame and guilt around gaining weight in the Losing Your First 10 Pounds course group. Because I know there’s so many women who struggle with this very thing, I wanted to share my response and advice to her. Here’s what she wrote:

I’m having a really rough day. I have been feeling really sick for a few days so I went to the doctor to get antibiotics…

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Have you tried every diet and exercise program out there with no long-term luck? I know I have. Throughout my weight loss journey, I experienced two distinctive things when I would try to lose weight: I’d either plateau after losing some weight and the program would stop working for me OR I’d not be able to keep up with my plan/program because it wasn’t sustainable and required too much from me. Can you relate?

The thing is,

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I tend to attract highly energetic sensitive women/empaths to Vitality. These women have a tendency to put on weight, even if their diets are healthy and they are routinely working out. I experienced this myself and wanted to share with you what I learned while gaining (and now losing) the weight associated with these reasons. Here are three reasons that aren’t associated with excessive caloric intake that can cause empaths to gain weight:

Reason #1 –

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Have you tried every diet and exercise program out there with no luck? Do you feel like you’re worse off than you were before you started dieting? Does it feel like you’re always going to struggle with a lack of willpower and self-control when it comes to your weight loss goals? If you answered “yes” to those questions, I definitely relate to you and I think you’ll get a lot out of this article.

For the first 22+ years of my life,

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