About Me

Why hello there, I’m Lauren Wardell and…

I believe every woman deserves a life that makes her feel energized, empowered, and like she’s accomplishing the goals of her soul every single day.

…and it’s my life’s work to give women the tools required to create that transformation.

You’re probably here because you’ve read every self-help book out there, applied all the tips and tools, and still feel like something is missing. I’m here to help you find what’s missing!

That’s the short part of my about me…read on for my long story:

To say I started looking for how to “fix myself” at a young age is an understatement. I received my first self-help book at the age of ten (“The Care and Keeping of You”, anyone?) and have been fascinated with human motivation long before I found coaching as my career (I majored in advertising and sociology in college). While I thought that I was working to better myself, at the end of the day, all the research on what I “should” do just made me feel deeply flawed. I felt like I wasn’t living up to my full potential and was really unhappy.

Over the years of trying to “fix” myself, I developed a pretty serious binge-eating disorder to suppress my emotions and cope with my energetic sensitivity (which I didn’t even realize was a thing at the time). Growing up, I had been taught that emotions shouldn’t be expressed unless they were positive and that negative emotions were a sign of weakness. As an empath (someone who accesses their intuition primarily through feelings and is impacted by other people’s emotions), this made a major part of who I was defective. I struggled a lot because I spent the first 21 years of my life trying to suppress a huge part of who I was. As soon as I started to claim my true self (“flaws” and all), things started to shift for me.

I went from struggling with an eating disorder, to overcoming it, and losing 90 pounds. I went from feeling like I lacked the willpower and self-control required to lose weight, to steadily and consistently losing weight. Not only that, but I had a confidence that radiated from within me that came from aligning with my authentic self. What changed? I learned how to listen to my body and to approach my goals in a way that worked for me. I realized I had been trying to utilize everyone else’s plans and programs instead of listening to my own intuition, all while making myself wrong for not being able to follow the plans and program that weren’t mine.

I was finally proud of myself and what I was able to accomplish, which gave me the confidence to help others do the same. I began coaching people for free in my healthy living community, using the mindset principles I learned on my healthy living journey. People loved my inner approach and my mindset challenges got rave reviews. I finally felt like I was doing my life’s work…and nothing beats that feeling!

Then, in August 2010, I synchronistically got the opportunity to run the wellness program at a doctor’s office. I’d be helping people lose weight through a clean eating program and I’d be getting paid for it! I loved it, but deep in my heart, I knew that a clean eating program was only going to work for as long as they were following it. In order to create a permanent transformation, you must do more than just follow a diet. You must transform from the inside out. I wanted to be able to offer my clients the tools to do so, and I knew in order to…I’d have to start my own business.

So…at the ripe age of 23, I left the doctor’s office in April 2011, got three part-time jobs, enrolled in coaching school, and started building my healthy lifestyle business (what would later become Vitality). I was so excited, because I was free to teach women how to improve themselves in the way that I knew worked best: by changing their mindset! I started pumping out a ton of free content to help women connect with their life purpose and lose weight (because I believe that finding your life’s work is crucial to losing weight). I was running both 1:1 and group programs and it felt so amazing. But again, there was something missing…

As I started building my business, I started to really tap into my spirituality. To me, it was like self-help on steroids. Spiritual principles and spiritual self-help books gave me something that plain self-help didn’t. I felt the transformations I was going through at a much deeper and more meaningful level. Deep down, I wanted to start incorporating spiritual principles in the work that I was putting out in the world. But simultaneously, I felt like I wouldn’t be taken seriously and I would lose a lot of people with the “woo”. Even though I was strongly feeling that I should start to incorporate spirituality into my practice, I ignored it for a really long time. Then, I received a sign…

I was at a seminar and the woman who was leading it (who is a marketing leader in the field of coaching) started the seminar by saying she’s coming out of the spiritual closet and that she had been kind of nervous about it! My mouth almost hit the floor…what are the chances? Then, she randomly picked me to go up in front of the hundreds of people at the seminar and be coached around incorporating spirituality into my coaching practice! I knew what The Universe was trying to say to me…and ignoring it was no longer an option.

I received my first spirituality client in that audience that day, and after that, word of mouth shifted my whole coaching practice from weight loss to spirituality clients over the course of six months or so. My business was blowing up for the first time since I started it three years prior. And I knew it was because I was finally in alignment and owning all parts of me.

Unfortunately, with my business blowing up, I struggled a lot with boundaries. I was working myself really hard trying to keep up with the expansion, and started to struggle with adrenal fatigue. I kept telling myself that there would come a time where I wouldn’t have to work so hard, but that time never came. My business was expanding rapidly and I wasn’t creating the structures necessary to make sure it was sustainable for me and my health. In other words, I was borrowing on tomorrow’s vitality and energy.

In May 2015, I decided to follow my heart and move to my dream neighborhood in San Diego (Ocean Beach). Even though I only knew one person in San Diego, I knew it was where I was meant to be. And as happy as I was to finally be living there, it only added to my stress because I was unable to find a permanent place to live right away.

By August 2015, I realized that I wasn’t running my business in a way that wasn’t sustainable for my health and I had to make changes. Even though I had adopted healthier habits such as doing yoga at least once a day and eating healthier, I had steadily gained weight since my business shifted to spirituality and I was working with more clients. This didn’t feel good to me at all, as I had got in business as a wellness/weight loss coach. It seemed like no matter what I did, I was gaining weight.

Even though I was working to get healthier, the shift in my business and my living situation caused a lot of stress. In March 2016, my body broke down. I went from being able to function, to being able to do nothing but sleep. Going from being someone who never got sick to this person who couldn’t get out of bed killed me. I was so sad that it came to this and was left to do some soul searching. I felt like I was trying so hard to get healthy and nothing was working.

Over the course of a few months, I realized that I had made myself sick by trying to be everything to everyone (a life-long pattern of mine). While I had gotten better at boundaries over the years, I still wasn’t where I needed to be in order to run a successful business and stay healthy. I started nursing myself back to health and asking for help from others. I let go of some services I offered that contributed to my stress and crossed my fingers that everything would work out.

…and of course, it did! I am so grateful for all the lessons that have brought me to this point. Now I am even more equipped to give women the tools required to find their life purpose, reclaim their vitality, align with their soul, and create proper boundaries in their lives.

Please know that every part of your path is setting you up for your next step. And if you need help figuring all that out…I am here for you <3

Lauren Wardell
Certified Professional Coach, iPEC