I am so excited to write this review for Erin Stutland’s Shrink Session program. I first heard about Shrink Session in 2013 when one of my clients sent me her website. Erin describes Shrink session as “an alchemical mix of yoga, cardio-dance, kickboxing, life coaching, meditation, and inspiring affirmations that will open you heart, expand your mind, and tone and sculpt your body”. When I read the program description on her website, I thought it sounded so neat!! Since her program was only $99, I immediately bought it. I have never regretted it one bit!

The program consists of four sessions that take you through a workout process for manifestation: Intention, Belief, Inspired Action, and Allowing. Each session includes a 40-50 minute workout, a ~10 minute meditation, and a life coaching workbook. It’s set up to assist you in creating what you want in your life. In addition, it also includes 4 short alive-in-5 workouts that are only five minutes long (when you’re squeezed for time or can’t quite motivate yourself to workout).

What I most love about Shrink Session are the affirmations. Throughout each of the sessions, she teaches you affirmations saying (many of which rhyme). For example, “I am ready for creating…I am DONE procrastinating!”. Seriously, you will be saying these affirmations in your head all day. They are really catchy.

She also gives you a calendar that breaks down when to do what over the course of a month. She gives you 2-3 different ways to work through the program depending on how much you want to work out/if you are supplementing it with other exercise such as yoga. It takes the guess work out of creating a schedule. When I have fully gone through the program, I have always done it as my primary workout. So I’d do it about five times a week. I have also just randomly picked a session to follow based on what I was intuitively feeling. You can do it however you wish!

I also keep up with Erin Stutland on Facebook and Instagram and she is the sweetest! She is super authentic and I have been so grateful for her that I have written her a couple e-mails thanking her. The program also has a Facebook group, which she is active in. She has given me advice when I have posted in there as well, which was really nice!! It’s a really loving community filled with women of all ages who are really supportive.

Overall, I highly recommend Shrink Session. It is one of my favorite forms of exercise and grounding and I know you’ll absolutely love it too! If you want to try a free 5-minute workout of hers or buy the program, I’d really appreciate if you’d use my affiliate link here!┬áIf you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to help you :)

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