Losing your first 10 pounds is a huge step when it comes to reaching your goal weight. Why? When done correctly, it builds momentum on your weight loss journey and creates confidence that you can reach your goal weight (which can be hard to do if you’ve repeatedly failed at losing weight like me).

Here are my five steps that will help you lose your first 10 pounds and set the permanent foundation to your weight loss success:

Step 1: Overcome Diet Procrastination
The first thing you must do is stop starting over! How often do we tell ourselves we’re going to “get back on track” on the first of the month, after so-and-so’s birthday party, or after the holidays? It never ends up happening! In order to lose weight and keep it off, you must learn how to overcome your habit of putting off your diet and exercise plan.

Step 2: Figure Out Why You Can’t Lose Weight
Prior to finally losing 80 pounds, I believed that I lacked the willpower and self-control required to lose weight. Because I had failed so many times, I thought I was the reason why I couldn’t lose weight. Then I had an epiphany…what if it was the plans that had a 95% fail rate in this country that were the problem (not me)? I stopped making myself wrong for not being able to follow some insane restricted plan and began to find what worked for me. In order to be successful on your weight loss journey, you must find what works for you.

Step 3: Create Weight Loss Confidence
One of the things that drove me nuts on my weight loss journey is that I felt like I had so many areas of my life down. It seemed like I was able to do everything really well…besides lose weight. When I started looking at the areas that I was successful in and using them as evidence that I could lose weight too, I started to create serious weight loss confidence (even in the beginning of my journey). We must use our past weight loss “failures” as feedback so we can create confidence that we can lose weight.

Step 4: Create YOUR Perfect Weight Loss Plan
So often, we look to others to determine what exactly we should be doing to lose weight. While there are many good resources out there that can help you lose weight, no one knows what plan is best for you better than you. Instead of telling my clients exactly what they should eat or do for their workouts (I don’t believe in doing that), I teach them how to find their own answers. I teach them how to create a weight loss plan that works for them by giving them my formula for permanent weight loss success.

Step 5: Set The Permanent Foundation To Your Weight Loss Success
After you have overcome diet procrastination, figured out why you can’t lose weight, created weight loss confidence, and designed your perfect plan…it’s important to set the permanent foundation to your weight loss success. In order to lose weight and keep it off, it’s important to work every single day to retrain your subconscious mind. Because of the diet mentality that has been drilled into us, we have so many beliefs that need to be rewritten in order to be successful long-term on our weight loss journeys. For example, beliefs such as “losing weight is hard” or “no one who ever loses weight ever keeps it off”. The only way to rewrite these beliefs is by consistently providing evidence to yourself that those beliefs are untrue. The best way to do this is through your own experience through daily “baby” steps that bring you closer to your goal weight.

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