About Me

My name is Lauren Wardell and I am the Facilitator of The Vitality Movement. I believe that one person Being Love can change the world. The problem is, many people equate being loving with sacrificing themselves to serve others. Over time, this leaves them feeling run down and depleted...which is what they energetically give to others when they are serving them in that way. While this may serve people's personalities, it does not serve their soul.

I offer courses, coaching, meditations, and Movement sessions to help people connect with their souls/Source, Be Love, and fulfill their Divine Life Purpose. My goal with each thing I create is to empower people to connect with their souls and God/Goddess/The Universe/Source (whatever you personally like to call it) directly so they can access their own answers and live in a state of Being Unconditional Love. In this state, you shift every person around you. Not by taking responsibility for them, but by your vibration. Love is the most powerful force in The Universe and Being Love has the potential to change everything. I genuinely believe my greatest life's work is to teach people how to get into their hearts and Be Love in a world that can make doing that feel really hard.

My Mission

I have dedicated my life to be in service of restoring Divine Will to the planet--a plan that entails ending poverty, war, and starvation so every Being that resides here can be happy and free. This plan will unfold over the course of many years and by Being Love, you naturally contribute to this plan being co-created on our planet. How can it get any better than that!? :)