Can you believe it is the last day of our challenge!? I have enjoyed getting to know each of you in our Facebook group soooo much! Thank you for sharing your energy with the group. It means the world to me!

If you’re behind at all…don’t worry! Remember, you can be your own authority and do them in your own time. What is most important is that you actually do them! So pencil some time in your calendar to get the prompts done :) I promise,

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Welcome to day 4 of your Vitality Challenge! Today we are going to discuss the importance of embracing your unique intuition type. The more you embrace your unique type, the more you enhance all types of intuition.

To get us started, here are the four most common types of intuition:

  • clairsentience – when you receive intuitive information through your feelings
  • claircognizance – when you receive intuitive information through your thoughts/you just have a knowing
  • clairvoyance – 

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Welcome to day 3 of your Vitality Challenge! Today we are going to discuss what it means to be your own authority and the impact it has on your ability to hear your own intuition. This is a long one…but oh so worth it!

Being your own authority means owning the fact that you know what’s best for you. There is so much advice out there in the form of books,

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Welcome to day 2 of your Vitality Challenge! Today, we’re going to be covering the importance of healthy boundaries when it comes to connecting with your intuition.

Healthy boundaries are deeply personal and separate your needs from other people’s. As empaths who so easily anticipate the needs of others, many of the women I work with have a tendency to put everyone’s needs before their own. They intuitively know what other people need,

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Welcome to day 1 of this round of the 5-day Vitality challenge! Today we’ll be covering the importance of connecting with your body in order to connect with your intuition.

Many of the women that are attracted to Vitality are empaths, or women who receive intuitive information through their feelings. This can also mean that they pick on other people’s energy (including their emotions). When we are disconnected from our bodies, we are less likely to realize that other people’s energy is leaking into our energy field (we’ll talk about this more tomorrow).

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Exciting news! I was interviewed by Gillian Rose recently and it went live today! In it, I get vulnerable about my struggle with low self-esteem, my binge-eating disorder, and how I learned to validate and love myself. Hope you enjoy it :)


Find the show notes here on the Just Stay Curious website :)

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I am so excited to announce the first Vitality Challenge since 2013! This free challenge will be on how to connect with your intuition. If you’ve participated in my challenges in the past, you know my goal is to change your mindset around a specific area so you can achieve your goals. You better bet this challenge is going to do the same around connecting with your intuition!

Here’s what we will be covering over the 5 days:

Day 1: Connecting With Your Body
Day 2: Creating Healthy Boundaries
Day 3: Being Your Own Authority
Day 4: Embracing Your Unique Intuitive Type
Day 5: Creating An Intuition Practice

We’ll be meeting in a pop-up Facebook group to cheer each other on for the duration of the challenge (October 17-21st).

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